13 November – 13 December, 2014

55 GANSEVOORT is pleased to announce the opening of “Betty Tompkins : Smooch”, on view from November 13th through December 13th.

In 1969, Tompkins started her iconic “Fuck Paintings” series. Large scale, photorealistic paintings of tightly cropped and intensely zoomed depictions of heterosexual sex. Over the years, Tompkins has perfected and fiddled with these paintings, expanding the series to include homosexual sex, pansexual kissing and various forms of touching. At first glance, the subject content is not immediately recognizable. Her grisaille paintings are the mastered balance between figuration and abstraction.

Smooch will be a bi-weekly rotation of two iconic Betty Tompkins “Kiss Paintings.”

55 Gansevoort is a destination for art lovers and amused passer-bys alike. In consideration of this audience, we have decided to exhibit limited edition ersatz prints that are direct replications of the historic paintings. Serenely positioned behind the veil of Gansevoort’s marbled glass, an ersatz print will be on view, 24/7, by peering through the windowed doors.

Betty Tompkins is represented by Sarah Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles and Palm Beach, and Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels. She has had widely-acclaimed solo exhibitions and her work has been included in group shows at Matthew Marks Gallery, Marianne Boesky Gallery, Bortolami Gallery and the Zacheta Museum in Warsaw.

The exhibitions at 55 Gansevoort are entirely visible, at all hours, by approaching the windowed doors.